Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Today got Upper Tear Duct Plugs!

Today my optholmogist inserted tear duct plugs in my upper inner tear ducts of my eyes.
He checked the lower tear duct plugs I had inserted several years ago, and they are doing fine.
I asked to have the upper plugs inserted because I've been having to use more eye drops lately and thought I'd see if these additional plugs would help.

He told me the plugs are good until they fall out or get disloged by wiping your eyes.
So now I'm all plugged!

Note: He added a drop of numbing stuff in the eyes, then used a little instrument to dilate the ducts, then inserted the plugs.  The procedure was painless and took only about 15 minutes total.

Also before that had regular annual eye exam so had drops to dilate my pupils. Vision was unchanged for last 2 annual exams! And I turned 58 other day.

Driving home with dark sunglasses helped keep the blinding snow from bothering my eyes.  As I approached my home town, a fog enveloped the area and hoar frost from this morning was still on all the trees, bushes and grass -- quite beautiful.

My eyes are tearing more than normal right now.  As I recall, for the first set of lower plugs it took about 2 days before I didn't notice them. 

Right now I'm just noticing more moisture/tearing on my eyes.

So for those who try the lower plugs and after a year or two experiencing recurrent dry eyes, I suggest you try getting the upper duct plugs too.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I have had the plugs now for one year!

Happy update:  One year has passed as of yesterday since I had the ductal plugs inserted into my lower inner tear ducts below my eyes, and I must say I am still extremely satisfied and happy that I had them inserted. I am careful not to rub my eyes, as that could dislodge them. 

I have experienced no pain or irritation from them.

I do not even feel they are there.

They are barely visible to the naked eye, and one must roll the eyelid down to view them.

The color blends in with the skin.

I am happy to say these ductal plugs have saved me money.  I hardly ever have to buy moisturizing eye drops my doctor recommended.

My eyes hardly ever look red, are rarely irritated and I use eye drops maybe once or twice a week now!
And I was using them 4, 5, 6 or more times a day before I had the ductal plugs inserted.

The person who invented these is a genius.
He should receive honors and awards for this invention.

For anyone suffering from dry eyes, dry eye syndrome -- please consider getting these!

You won't regret it!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Update re: Tear Duct Plugs

October 19th, 2013:  This is an update.  Just to let you know the tear duct plugs are totally still working and have alleviated all dry eye symptoms I experienced in the past.  I have never experienced any side effects or problems from them since I had them inserted. 

I do not miss having to put eye lubricant drops in my eyes.  I still keep some Systane Balance artificial tears / drops my opthalmologist told me to get, and only have to use them once in a while.  Not even every day!!  My eyes hardly ever appear reddened, in contrast to how horridly red / bloodshot they appeared before I had the plugs inserted. 

You cannot see the tear duct plugs, unless I use a higher powered mirror and manually pull down my lower eyelid -- then you can see a tiny spot which is the top of the ductal plug, covering the tear duct.  They have never dislodged.  I take care to avoid rubbing my eyes.  I am able to shower and swim and do all the things that I did before getting them inserted.

I am saving money by not having to always buy artificial tears, etc.

Whoever invented these, they are a godsend to humanity.
Sometimes they are referred to as punctal plugs.

I see that Eagle Vision invented the world's first Punctum Plug in 1974.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Links - Punctal Plugs

Came across a link to several articles at wisegeek.com about Punctal Plugs (Tear Duct Plugs):

what are punctal plugs

Also on wisegeek.com, there is an article about the Schirmer Test - a test that helps doctors diagnose various medical conditions that cause dry eyes:

what is the schirmer test

The website DryEyeSyndrome.com has excellent resources, which includes explaining the various types of plugs:

encyclopedia plugs

DryEyeSyndrome.com also has excellent forums for those suffering from dry eyes and those who want to discuss the plugs:

forum PLUGS-etc

Sunday, January 20, 2013

They're still working!

I'm happy to report that the ductal plugs I had inserted into my inner lower tearducts to help combat dry eye syndrome/red eyes are still working!!!!

I am still using Systane Balance lubricant eye drops which my eye doctor recommended, and find them superior to all artificial tears and eye drops I have ever used.  I just hope they remain on the market!!! When you find products that truly work extremely well, you sure don't want them to go away.

If anyone out there is seeking a solution to dry eye syndrome, these two products are the answer and remedy.

I am truly amazed and highly pleased with how they  have resolved my dry eye syndrome problem.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still Working!

Today is June 10th, 2012 and I am most happy to report that the tearduct plugs are STILL WORKING!!!

I never notice they are there, and my eye redness / dry eye problem is no longer an issue in my life.

It is a relief to have a physical problem completely resolved!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plugging Along!

Just to report, I continue to reap the benefit of these ductal plugs.
I might use eye drops twice or three times a day now.
The horrid redness I was suffering from - the bloodshot eyes, fighting to keep my eyes lubricated -- is gone!
I look halfway normal now!
At work they continue to allow the forced-air heat system to blast hot humidless air into our work area.
Its been around 74 degrees every day lately.
Outside, it is warming up to 60s and to be 70s by this weekend.
Shut the heat off, would you think they'd listen?

I don't have room to run the humidifier in my cubicle,
now that I moved to a smaller cube.
Therefore, I'm going to look into purchasing a small desktop humidifier that blows light mist.
Currently the one I have would drench my papers and can't let that happen; official government records!!!

I'm trying to consciously blink more often, too.
Have to remind oneself of that when staring at a computer, fine print, etc.
And to look away, to walk at lunch - to focus on far away objects rather than everything close-up.

Took my trifocals off today for 20 minutes, halfway blind without them - have gotten so used to them!
Didn't think I'd adjust as well as I have to them.
I love em!
Really help driving to read far away signs;
good for reading and computer too.
The eye doctor adjusted them for those three things:  driving, reading & computer.

Ah, aging eyes!
Last opthamologist that examined my eyes said I have early signs of cataracts (last year at 54!).  However, he said I probably won't need cataract surgery until I'm around 77 or 78.  If I live that long!!!!!!!!!

Wonder if they're hereditary - my mom had the surgery in her 70s.
Of course I worked outdoors a lot in blinding sun but always wore good sunglasses.

Once I burned my corneas skiing - lent out my goggles, didn't think I'd need them.  Wrong!  Medicine for eyes cost about $125 and it cost me several days of lost work, having to walk around with eye patches on, blind as a bat!
And talk about painful!

The snow reflected the sun and intensified it.
So I don't go anywhere outdoors without sunglasses.
The trifocals change color in the sun so that is helpful.

I see I have someone following my blog -- Welcome, friend!

If you're suffering from dry eyes - run, don't walk - to get the tear duct plugs!

And if the bottom two ducts plugged isn't enough, my doctor told me she could plug two more ducts in the upper lids!

Its so nice to have found a medical remedy that does not use medication!!!